Lead scrap Buyers in india

Jain Metal Group entered the Lead Industry with a Top-of-the-range plant dedicated to Producing Quality Lead & Lead Alloys.

With a monthly capacity of generating 5500 MT of pure lead and lead alloys, the ultra-modern manufacturing plant is spread over a sprawling 17-acre facility and has over 700 plants, flowers, and lush, verdant trees spread over 2.5 acres of land.

The plant is equipped with the following advanced technologies -

  • Refining kettle and smelting furnace
  • State-of-the-art battery breaker
  • OES spectrometer
  • AAS

Jain Metal Rolling Mill Recycles lead scraps and cables , the unit recycles about 5500 MTper month.

Lead scrap Buyers in india

Via our state-of-the-art refining equipment & processes, we have the capability of producing the highest quality of metal reaching 99.97%-99.99% purity

lead manufacturing companies in india

Jain metals have experts and dedicated employees who work towards recycling metals.



Rains are dry whole intact or scrap drained lead. It has to be free from liquid. Cases have to be either plastic or rubber, non- lead are not acceptable.


It is a mixed hard and soft lead scrap. It consists of clean lead and free from battery plates, lead covered cables, Collapsible tubes, iron & brass fittings, dirty lead and radioactive materials.


They are lead-covered copper cables. It is free of armoured covered cables and foreign materials.


A minimum of 97% metallic content is required. They are free of scrap lead, wheel weights, battery plates, rubber, and foreign materials.


It should be clean and should be free from other materials such as iron, dirt, harmful chemicals, radioactive, zinc and aluminium. Other materials such as antimony, tin, etc. has to be accounted. Lead covered cables joints shall consist of soft lead covered in insulated or uninsulated copper wire and wire joints .


It consists of lead tire balance with or without iron clipings.This does not include scrap lead, lugs, plates unless specifically agreed to. It has to be free from any foreign materials.

Lead We Process

lead manufacturing companies in india
Battery Plates
images/lead-manu-img1.jpg	Lead scrap Buyers in india
Paste/ Grid
lead manufacturing companies in india
Radio - Soft lead
Radio - Lead strips
Wheel weights
lead manufacturing companies in india
Lead Copper Cables
Range Lead


Our Refined Lead (99.97 to 99.99%) products are marketed in the following two forms-

Refined Lead Ingot

Refined Lead Plate

Alloy Lead

The Composition of the alloys is made according to the client’s requirements.

Antimony alloy

Calcium alloy

Selenium Alloy

Tin-lead alloy

lead manufacturing companies in india

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