Jain Metal Group is a First-of-its-kind company that has entered in a Non-Metal Chinese
Joint Venture for PVC Compunds.

At Jain Metals, recycling is at the core of our business philosophy & with the starting of our PVC compound reprocessing plant. Undertaking the reprocessing of almost every kind of PVC compound, the Group employs advanced machinery and a skilled workforce so as to ensure that the viable properties of PVC compounds are retained and the by-products thus manufactured are of the highest quality.


We make our plastic compound granules under these specifications

Properties Values
80 hardness 90 hardness
Density 1.4 1.45
Tensile Strength 11 14
Elongation at Break 211 180
Viscat Softening Point 65 70
Heat Endurance at 200C 10 minutes 30 minutes

Industries we cater to

PVC mats
Cable recycling plant in india
PVC Floorings
Automotive industry
Cable recycling plant in india
Road safety
Footwear industry
Cable recycling plant in india
PVC compund sellers
PVC compund sellers
PVC Clothes
Cable recycling plant in india

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